A Compliance Management Solution for the entire Investment Lifecycle

CYMBA’s Business Solutions spans every stage of the investment management process, from Decision Support, Portfolio Management, Pre and Post Trade Compliance, Trading, Execution and Operations.

A central tenant of the process is Compliance, both pre-trade and post-trade.

Centurion is a state of the art Compliance Solution providing comprehensive support for different Rule Types, Assets Classes and a customisable ‘incident breach’ management. Centurion provides a cost-effective, flexible and scalable solution for managing the complete end to end Compliance processes. With Centurion, investment decisions are fully compliant with relevant regulatory bodies as well as with internal and external compliance mandates. Key regulatory landscapes that Centurion supports include, UCITS IV, MiFID, EMIR, NURS, 40 ACT and Dodd Frank.

Key Features Key Benefits
Sophisticated Rules Manager supporting Multiple Rule Types, including Concentration, Look-Through, Compound and Limit Checks across all Asset Classes Compliance oversight at each stage of the investment lifecycle (pre-trade, pre-placement, pre-execution, post-trade)
Complete Breach Management and Override Monitoring Workflow Complete Compliance Management oversight for Operational Due Diligence process
Full Audit Trail and 4-Eyes process around Rule Maintenance, Overrides and Breach Monitoring Transparency – availability of historical compliance results and associated portfolios for any time period