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Business Solutions Powering the Asset Management and Hedge Fund Sectors

Athena IMS

A Multi Asset Class Advanced Investment Management Solution for the Investment Management Teams. Athena IMS provides the front office fund management and trading teams with support for sophisticated portfolio modelling, analytics, decision support, what-if analysis, order generation, pre trade compliance, sophisticated trading and execution. Athena IMS provides extensive support for multiple asset types, inclusive of Equities, Fixed Income, Futures, ETFs, Funds (including OEIC, Unit Trust, UIT, Mutual Funds), ETDs, CFDs, Warrants, Options and Foreign Exchange.


A state of the art Compliance Solution providing comprehensive support for different Rule Types, Assets Classes and a customisable ‘incident breach management workflow’. Centurion provides a cost-effective, flexible and scalable solution for managing the complete Pre and Post Trade Compliance processes. With Centurion, investment decisions are fully compliant with relevant regulatory environments and also with both internal and external compliance mandates. Key regulatory landscapes that Centurion supports include, UCITS IV, MiFID, EMIR, NURS, 40 ACT and Dodd Frank.


A Trading and Execution Solution providing the front office trading teams with support for sophisticated trading/execution complimented with integrated market data and analytics. In addition Silverstone enables full electronic trading capabilities, including DMA, across multiple broker networks including CYMBA’s own broker network; CymbaNET.


In addition to Business Solutions, CYMBA provides a range of services to its Client Base, including, Implementation Consultancy, Training and Support. The Service range also includes CymbaNET;  an Electronic Trading Network via FIX, enabling complete electronic trading capabilities (including DMA and Data) to over 1000 destinations including brokers, trading venues, crossing networks, multi-asset fund networks, algorithmic trading and dark pools.