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CYMBA Launches Athena Portfolio Management

June 21, 2011

Athena Portfolio Management launched to deliver state of the art Asset Allocation and Portfolio Modelling

Today, CYMBA Technologies announces the launch of Athena Portfolio Management.

Athena Portfolio Management offers complete portfolio modelling capability. Functional support is provided for model management including pre-defined benchmarks (eg FTSE 100), custom defined models, model portfolio and asset allocation overlay systems. In addition, Athena Portfolio Management provides full passive and active portfolio management capability. Comprehensive support for Asset Allocation strategy implementation is also provided, across all asset classes.

Athena IMS consists of full support for Order Generation, Management and Compliance and the addition of its extended Portfolio Management greatly enriches its overall functional spread, which will be of immense benefit to CYMBA’s existing customer base. The first customer to adopt Athena Portfolio Management is scheduled to go live in August 2011.

About CYMBA Technologies

CYMBA Technologies is a supplier of Trading solutions for both the buy-side and sell-side of the investment management community. Its Athena Investment Management Solution provides multi-asset class decision support, order generation, compliance, real time P&L, order and execution management. The Athena IMS is available as a fully integrated application suite and is deployed on an ASP or Enterprise Model. CYMBA Technologies solutions are used by some of the world’s largest investment management firms.