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Hedge Fund

Having worked closely with the Hedge Fund Industry, CYMBA’s solutions cater for its various implementation strategies such as Equity Long Short, UCITS, Absolute Return, Global Macro and Quant.

Equity Long/Short

The Equity Long/Short Hedge Fund strategy is fully supported by the Athena IMS. A comprehensive breakdown of positions by trade side and direction (Buy Cover, Short Sell, Open/Close) as well as Cash versus Synthetic trade types, underpins the full end to end workflow required. Many of CYMBA’s clients have long established and successful Equity Long/Short portfolios supported by the Athena IMS platform.


The popularity and success of UCITS funds makes it an attractive vehicle for launch by existing and prospective CYMBA clients. The tight regulations and investor protection central to this directive, as well as the evolving nature of the regulatory landscape, make the CYMBA Centurion platform a prime consideration for overall Operational and Compliance due diligence.

Absolute Return

One of the most attractive strategies due to its overriding emphasis on Alpha, the Athena IMS platform provides comprehensive multi asset class coverage; leveraging techniques and pre trade compliance checks (Gross Exposure, Option Cover) required for the successful operation of this strategy.

Global macro

Fundamental analysis of companies, countries and sectors is central to a Global Macro Strategy. Global Macro is fully supported by the Athena IMS. Native support for various data elements and trend lines enables the global macro fund manager to examine macro-economic factors during the investment decision making process.


With the increasing availability of advanced computing power (FPGA) and the transition of Sell Side trading techniques to the Buy Side, Systematic and Quantitative strategies are on the rise. The architecture and openness of the Athena IMS caters for seamless integration with proprietary “black boxes” providing 3rd party independence, Audit and Compliance for Systematic Hedge Funds.