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Whether your business focus is on industry specific sectors such as Institutional Asset Management or the Hedge Fund Industry, or, on the day to day activity carried out by fund managers, traders, compliance and operations teams, CYMBA’s Business Solutions will cater for your business needs.

Portfolio Management

In today’s environment, fund managers require business solutions that will enable them to easily manage multiple models, across multiple portfolios, across multiple asset classes, enabling ease of investment decision making, what if analysis, pre-trade compliance and exposure analysis by currency and industry sector. CYMBA’s Athena IMS has been engineered, in collaboration with leading fund managers, to facilitate this day-to-day activity.


Compliance teams are under more pressure than ever before through increased regulation and also through an ever evolving regulatory landscape. Compliance teams need sophisticated tools to assist in mandate management, regulatory library management, pre and post trade breach management, audits and reporting. Having worked with leading compliance officers, CYMBA’s Centurion platform meets the needs of today’s compliance officer, providing an ease of use, workflow oriented approach to Compliance management.


Trading teams require support for Electronic and Manual Trading of orders, inclusive of Algorithmic Trading via FIX connected Brokers and external EMS platforms. Also key is the availability of Quick Trading functions directly from Portfolios enabling the Placement of Market Orders directly to a Broker, EMS or Liquidity source with minimal user interaction. The emergence of DMA has evolved the competitive nature of today’s global trading environment. CYMBA’s Athena IMS meets the need to today’s trading and has been engineered with close input from leading traders across the global trading community. In addition the availability of CYMBA’s broker networks, CymbaNET, means that our trading community has electronic access to a global broking community.


Operations require a platform that enables the team to carry out functions efficiently. Teams require access to all transactional information for inspection at any time. With the Athena IMS, such requirements are fully catered for in a workflow oriented manner. Operation teams can view in-flight trades and executions that are either fully or partially executed. Teams can review trades, prices, commissions and charges. Teams can monitor the matching life cycle status of transactions through matching platforms, for example Omgeo. Teams can instantly get details on any trade, order or execution through the utilisation of the Athena search utility. Teams can monitor integration between Athena and Prime Brokers, Custodians and Administrators. Significantly, the Athena Reconciliation process presents the Operations team with a sophisticated workflow oriented utility, to review or park breaches prior to accepting any details from Prime Brokers, Custodians or Administrators. Finally, management of the IBOR from an operational perspective inclusive of time based portfolio valuations, performance analysis and profit/loss analysis.